Connect more with your customers on their mobile phones

Bigfivehost Bulk SMS is a simple, secure way to send messages to multiple recipients simultaneously through a portal that you can access from your browser. The service is accessed on an intuitive easy to use portal for managing your SMS campaigns coupled with a reporting dashboard that enables you to track message delivery in real time. Transactional messaged or notification alerts that originate from your systems can easily be delivered via SMS by simply doing an API integration to our messaging gateway.

The solution is ideal for companies of all sizes that do SMS campaigns, transactional SMS alerts or notifications, research, customer notifications and much more according to your needs. The message is masked with company name to maintain identity with your customers.

Why Bigfivehost Bulk SMS?

  • Automate SMS notifications and campaigns.
  • Rich and instant customer engagement.
  • Low cost.
  • Hosted on Bigfivehost cloud, no gateway/server cost on your end.
  • Intuitive dashboard for campaigns management, tracking and reporting.
  • Number masking with your company name.